Family Youth Partnership Description


Family and Youth Partnership
Peers Help Families Navigate

Photo of Ebony Chambers

“We’ve been where you are and know how to help you through it,” says Ebony Chambers, Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Chief Family and Youth Partnership Officer.


Family Partners and Youth Advocates offer their own personal experiences and advocacy skills as a valuable layer of support to the youth and families in Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ programs. Having similar experiences in their past, these important partners empower young people and their families to lead their own care teams and get their needs met.

Family Partners are staff members who have personal experience in the child welfare, mental health, or juvenile justice systems as a consumer and/or as a parent/caregiver. Youth Advocates are young adults also employed by Stanford Sierra Youth & Families who have personal experience within the child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice, or education systems. Family Partners and Youth Advocates have four key functions within the agency:

  • To make families (parents, caregivers, and youth) equal partners -if not leaders- in the development and implementation of their service plans;
  • To represent the needs and perspectives of families (parents, caregivers, and youth) to internal and external stakeholders and decision makers within the system of care;
  • To ensure that families (parents, caregivers, and youth) have access to a comprehensive array of prevention and support services that meet their individual needs; and
  • To ensure services are family-centered, easily accessible, respectful of cultural, ethnic and other community characteristics, and stigma-free.