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Letter from the Director

Hello everyone,

The holidays are quickly approaching, which often means get togethers, food and gifts.  The holidays can be a time of joy but can also be a reminder to our foster youth that they aren’t home with their family of origin.  To prepare for what the holidays bring, it’s important to remember that holidays can be stimulating, overwhelming and sad sometimes for the kids.  To help the youth in your home, try having a chat about their traditions, rituals and routines around holiday celebrations.  Try chatting and processing with the kids about how they are feeling about the separation.  When appropriate, bring the birth family into conversations about the holidays.  You can also help the youth purchase or make gifts for their birth family.  Try also making the visits with birth family spirited.  And if you need more ideas, inspiration or help, talk to your Social Worker.  We are here to help.

We here at Stanford wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

Foster Parents Of The Months

We want to celebrate and recogonize…..

Foster Family for the month of September

Raul and Elaine Cupino

Raul and Elaine Cupino is being recognized for Foster Parent of the month due to his recognized skills in advocating for youth in his care.  Raul and Elaine continues to be very involved in Youth’s treatment and advocates for needs that will support Foster Youth in his goals.  They have been able to vocalize concerns and needs to Youth’s treatment team that resulted in positive outcomes for Youth and family involved.  In addition to advocating for Youth, Raul and Elaine have been strong communicators with Treatment Team.  They inform all members of Youth’s successes, progress, behaviors, appointments, and other important information that can help guide services.  Raul and Elaine have supported Youth in making many positive changes and continues to be a strong advocate for our Youth.  Thank you Raul and Elaine for your dedication to the Youth in your care.

Foster Family for the month of October: 

Donna and Donald Smith

Donna and Donald Smith have been chosen as foster parents of the month for October for her inspiring abilities to care for a foster youth with a special medical condition which requires several hospital visits and care while still collaborating excellently with her social worker to develop and establish visits with biological family. Donna and Donald have maintained a consistent positive attitude despite a challenge that are presented and possesses all the qualities and skills that make them such amazing foster parents.

Annual Foster Care Holiday Party

Join us on December 18th at 6 pm for our Annual Foster Care Holiday Party

Croatian American Cultural Center
3730 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821

Call us for further information

 Property Reviews

Winter is here….

Please make sure that if you are using space heaters, heater fans, or fire places that you are using your prudent parenting skills and are in compliance with Community Care Licensing. SAFTEY is important and keeping you and your household safe from burns, fires, or smoke.

Call you Social Worker for any further questions or concerns.

Parent to Parent Support Group


5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Monthly support groups will be held on the Third Tuesday of each month with Ebony Chambers, our Family Partner here at Stanford Youth Solutions. This is an opportunity to connect with others to gain support from those who understand exactly how it feels to work with a challenging youth and gain training hours. Dinner will be provided along with a child supervised activity. 

You must call to RSVP.

CPR and First Aid Training Dates 

Are you due for recertification in CPR or First Aid? Here are dates for upcoming classes. Please RSVP with your social worker, reply to fostercare@youthsolutions.org, or call us at 916-344-0199.   





Need more Training?

Located at the bottom of this newsletter, download the PDF for more information on the Foster Care Classes from American River College Foster & Kinship Care Education program. Please follow the link for more information.

Family Recruitment

Help us recruit new Foster Families. When you refer a family and if they become certified you will receive $1,000.00! Send your friends and families to us for a personal informational session with our Recruitment and Training Coordinator.

Call or email Christina Cagle at ccagle@youthsolutions.org or 916.344.0199

Contact Your Foster Care Staff

Sheri Reynolds, Director x210
Linda Abdelbaki, Clinical Program Manager x603
Jennifer Joyner, Social Worker x253
Kyle Sterry, Social Worker x294
Erin Peña, Social Worker x219
Mary Kindig, Social Worker x602
Lakischa Fontenot, Social Worker x311
Daniela Guest, Social Worker x233
Tina Saragoza, ITFC Family Support Counselor x250
Daniel Sederquist, ITFC Family Support Counselor x272
Christina Cagle, Recruitment and Training Coordinator x254

Thank you for all you are doing to support the young people in your care!