Holiday Gift Card Drive
Bring Families Together


Be the difference this holiday season

Our mission is to strengthen children and families to resolve serious challenges….together. By providing gift cards to Stanford Youth Solutions, you will encourage families to create connections and make lasting memories.

Many of our young people and families need their basic needs met before they can focus on healing. They achieve more success because we support the entire family. Doing things together and bonding as a family brings long-term benefits.

Especially during the holiday season, we have found that gift cards go further to connect the family, giving families the opportunity to buy their children gifts, or cook a holiday meal together.

How to help

  • Donate gift cards such as gas, grocery, department and electronic store cards, you will help make a local family’s holiday happier.
  • Recruit your friends and family to sponsor a family’s holiday needs
  • Challenge co-workers to participate in helping a family to celebrate the holidays the way they wish.

Gift cards of any amount are appreciated!