Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS)


Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS)
Promoting Community Safety and Strengthening Families

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS) works in partnership with Sacramento County Probation Department supporting the Restorative Justice Model with a focus on community protection, victim restoration, and offender accountability and competency. Youth on probation who are at-risk or demonstrating family relationship challenges, violence, substance abuse, delinquency, truancy, or other behavioral issues, address underlying challenges within their family unit to help them engage in positive, productive activities, while significantly reducing additional criminal offenses. The program reduces recidivism and builds stronger families by using Functional Family Therapy (FFT), an evidence-based practice, to engage young offenders in positive communication, decision making, goal setting and engagement in a pro-social activity, as well as improved family functioning to keep youth out of detention centers. The goal is juvenile crime reduction and recidivism/relapse prevention.




84.6% of adolescents who completed the program had been able to remain out of the youth detention facility, while they were receiving family counseling.