Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS)


Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS)
Promoting Community Safety and Strengthening Families

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families, in partnership with the Sacramento County Probation Department, delivers the Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS) program. The program assesses each youth’s individual treatment needs and matches the youth to the appropriate service intervention(s) to include: counseling, skill building, peer and family support services; and case management and linkage to community-based services.

Services are primarily community-based provided in the home, school, and/or community, based on individual needs of each youth and their family. Consistent with best practices, probation officers work in collaboration with SSYF’s JJIS team, youth, families, advocates, educators and natural supports to ensure the youth and family’s needs are being met. The goals of the program are to build upon the youth’s individual strengths, increase resiliency, reinforce positive family and peer connections, promote prosocial behaviors, and improve overall mental health and well-being.



84.6% of adolescents who completed the program had been able to remain out of the youth detention facility, while they were receiving family counseling.