LGBTQ Foster Youth Collaborative


LGBTQ Foster Youth Collaborative

The LGBTQ Collaborative is a joint effort on behalf of Stanford Sierra Youth & Families, Sierra Child and Family ServicesSacramento LGBT Community CenterCASA for Children Sacramento County and Sacramento County Child Protective Services. The collaboration evolved out of a need to identify and support families who could provide loving, supportive, affirming and permanent homes for LGBTQ youth in foster care in Sacramento County. The Rise study in Los Angeles determined that 19%  of youth living in foster care identified as LGBTQ. These youth had a higher than average number of foster care placements and were two times more likely to be living in congregate (group home) care. These youth are also more likely to run away from foster homes, placing them at more risk.

The LGBTQ Collaborative has come together to join resources to recruit, train and support families to provide affirming homes for these youth in foster care.  Since its inception, the LGBTQ Collaborative has held a Foster Parent information and recruitment event, provided a LGBTQ training to existing foster parents to increase existing capacity to provide supportive homes for these youth and has canvassed the Freedom Fair this summer.  More recruitment and training efforts are being planned and your donations will go directly to these efforts.

If you would like to become an affirming home for an LGBTQ youth, please click on one of the agencies listed above for more information. 

Thank you on behalf of the collaborative.

We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to Freeport Bakery for their efforts to bring awareness to LGBTQ youth living in foster care. If you would like to purchase a “More Cake, Less Hate” t-shirt click here.