Wonder Mentoring Program is a mentoring program that provides mentoring to foster youth in Sacramento County. We match youth in foster care (Explorers) with one-on-one caring adults (Guides) who are committed to encouraging, engaging, and enriching their lives. With a focus on fun, each mentor Guides his or her child through a year-long journey filled with excursions in music, the arts, sports, nature, volunteer services, and dining out. In many cases, these events are the child’s “firsts”, filled with adventure, excitement and self-discovery.

Wonder mentoring gives local youth in foster care the opportunity to explore personal interests and talents. Even more importantly, they get to experience the stability of a consistent adult who encourages them to try something new, engages them in conversations, and enriches their lives. It’s a connection with an adult who believes in them.

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Why Mentor

For more than 61,000 kids in California’s foster care system, typical childhood experiences may be completely unknown to them. Removed from their homes because of severe neglect or abuse, most of these kids have faced unthinkable sadness and trauma. Some have never experienced life’s simplest joys and pleasures. While California’s foster care system provides them with the basics—food, shelter, and medical care — many may not receive much else.

Wonder benefits for a child in foster care

Better quality of life while in foster care – Each child experiences the kind of fun and adventure that brings big smiles and even bigger memories.

Increased resiliency – Researchers have found that the single most important factor in building resiliency in children is the consistent presence of a caring, supportive person who provides unconditional love; nonjudgmental, active listening; and actions that communicate “I am here for you.”

Increased self-confidence – Kids build confidence by doing. Encouragement and support can help a child feel safe enough to try something new.

Improved academic participation and reduced risk of drug and alcohol use – Years of research on the benefits of mentoring confirm that children with a consistent, caring mentor participate in school more and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol

Become a Guide today and change a child’s life forever

Attend one of our orientation sessions to learn more about the Wonder Mentor program and how you can impact the life of a child. For more information about the Wonder Mentoring Program, call (916) 344-0199 or email