COVID-19: Agency Update: Please Read


Dear Stanford Sierra Colleagues,

As we continue to follow the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, our focus is threefold: 1. Safety and well-being for all staff, youth, families and our communities 2. Ensuring that we can provide the necessary services to youth and families 3. Ensuring that our organization has the systems and infrastructure to continue to support all of you.

With the increased focus on social distancing and decreased group interaction to slow the spread of COVID-19, we will be changing team meetings to virtual, effective immediately, whether it is by phone or Intermedia, that is to be determined by the supervisor/leader of your respective team. Consultations can also be done virtually, as appropriate. There will be an Intermedia link sent to you by Shane Cargill, shortly.

We are also working with supervisors on identifying who must be in the office, and for what duration to do their job. All staff who do not need to work in the office, will be asked to work from home, and refrain from coming to the office as much as possible. In order to build in accountability, identifying the projects/tasks in your Outlook Calendar will be expected. Guidelines will be provided to all supervisors on how to monitor productivity and task completion remotely. In addition, there will be guidance on how to navigate the “work from home” challenges.

For those who are delivering services to families, there has been some direction provided by the state on tele-health services and direction from CCL regarding social work home visits, however, we are currently navigating the individual nuances based upon each of our county contract entities. It is important to note our youth and families will need more frequent contact during this time, so we encourage you to reach out by phone regularly to check in with them regarding their plans to manage school closures, manage stress levels, and provide problem solving support as needed. Please continue to document any of your contact with the youth and families.  Our services are considered essential services, so service delivery continues. We ask that you exercise caution in visiting youth and families in person, following the CDC recommendations (previously sent by Kimberly Woods-Burch). We are continuing to work on the guidelines for tele-health services with our contract entities. Service delivery modifications may be specific to your program services, and will require guidance from your manager and director.  We greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate these challenging times.

With great appreciation for all that you do. Stay safe, stay tuned and be well!

Laura Heintz, Psy.D.

Chief Executive Officer

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