Employment Application


Thank you for applying for employment with Stanford Sierra Youth & Families. You have applied to work at a very special place! A place where our employees believe strongly in our Mission: “Transforming lives by nurturing permanent connections and empowering families to solve challenges together, so every child can thrive.” A place that puts the needs of our children and families who we serve above all else…a place where our programs actually help children and families thrive in meaningful ways…a place where personal accountability is essential…and a place where we take the time and effort to recognize and celebrate the contributions that our employees make to our Mission.

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is looking for a select group of individuals to join us. We don’t want just anyone. If you can get behind our Mission, put the needs of children and families first, like to be recognized for your achievements, can accept feedback about your performance, and have a good sense of humor while at the same time being extremely serious about providing great, high quality work in whatever you do, this is the place you have always wanted to work. Thanks again for applying and good luck!

I have read this opening statement and wish to submit my application for employment.