Empowerment Training Center


Stanford Youth Solutions greatly values “family and youth voice” in service delivery and offers the Empowerment Training Center – a peer-to-peer training program that is uniquely designed to support the employment and retention of Family Partners and Youth Advocates (i.e. individuals with lived experience/”peers”) working in the public mental and behavioral health system.  In partnership with the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Workforce Education Training Program, Stanford Youth Solutions’ Empowerment Training Center offers: Self-Help/ Shared Leadership, Mentoring, Training, and Financial assistance (as needed) for individuals with lived experience who are currently employed or interested in working in the public mental and behavioral health system. 

The Empowerment Training Center provides a wide range of peer supports and training that strengthens families and enhances collaboration in the community. Examples of trainings offered include: Turning Tragedy to Triumph: Telling my story to help others; Navigating to Advocating; Assessing and Addressing Stigma; and Peer-to-Peer Role Orientation(s). The Empowerment Training Center also includes wellness, recovery, and resiliency principles; instills hope; encourages self- leadership techniques; is culturally competent; and includes a training model that ensures services are provided in the best interest of families.

“The Empowerment Training Center helped me understand my role working as a Youth Advocate. I gained valuable training and a skill set that I still apply today in my current position.”