Frequently Asked Questions


Is my vehicle donation tax-deductible?

Your donation is a charitable contribution that can be deducted from your taxes if you itemize deductions.

Do you accept all vehicles?

We try to accept as many vehicles as possible. We occasionally accept boats, RVs and motorcycles. The best way to find out if your vehicle will be accepted, is by calling our toll free donation number or completing the online donation wizard.

How should I prepare my vehicle for pick-up when I donate it?

Be sure to remove all of your personal items from the vehicle. You may receive further instructions from our representative when arrangements for the pick-up are made.

Must a vehicle be operational when I donate it?

No. Vehicles do not have to be in running order to be accepted for donation. However, they should be in a condition to be towed.

Does my vehicle need to be registered or do I need to have title?

A free and clear title is usually required, but not always. This is determined by the age of the vehicle and the state in which it is registered. We’re happy to help you with this part of the donation process; just call (800) 440-5084 or (916) 565-CARS (2277) to find out if your state requires title paperwork for vehicle donations.