Stanford Home’s Art Therapy Room Opens
AT&T Sponsors program that will enable new pathways to healing


Stanford Home for Children opened its Expressive Art and Play Therapy Program in the summer of 2010 thanks to a $20,000 grant from AT&T Foundation.

The AT&T Expressive Art and Play Therapy Program is one of only a handful of art therapy opportunities in the Sacramento area that does not require private insurance.

The program will allow 30 Stanford Home therapists to treat 100-200 at-risk youth in the next year using expressive art and play therapy integrated with the group’s current evidence-based programs. Stanford Home’s innovative services help youth overcome the effects of grief and loss, abuse, trauma, anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, stress, depression and low self-esteem.

Art projects will include drawing, computer graphics, sculpture, painting, collage, coloring, sand trays, writing, dramatic play and photography.

Expressive art therapy is a non-threatening way for children to learn about, express and release difficult emotions that they may not be able to verbalize. Because young people do not have the same capacities as adults to express and release feelings verbally, art therapy presents more intuitive ways to express themselves.