Community Based Family Services (CBFS)


Community Based Family Services

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families provides Community Based Family Services (CBFS). The program offers a wide array of specialized mental/behavioral health services and supports and is designed to provide a “safety-net” for families with children and youth (ages 0-21) who are struggling at home, school, or in the community. The program is unique in that clinicians partner with youth and their families to assess and determine an individualized plan for services and supports that focuses on family strengths and the overall emotional, behavioral health and well-being of youth. Services are culturally competent, flexible, family driven and can be provided in the home, school, and community settings. The goals of the CBFS program include: improving behavioral and mental health functioning; improving school performance; strengthening family connections; reducing the need for out of home placements, psychiatric hospitalizations, and contact with law enforcement; increasing permanency for foster youth; and connecting youth and families to community-based resources and supports.

Program Facts

  • Medi-Cal eligible children and youth ages 0–21 may receive services through CBFS .
  • We always work with families and caregivers, and never work with a child/youth in isolation.
  • Services include: assessment, plan development, individual and group therapy, rehabilitation services,case management, medication support services, crisis intervention, and peer and family advocate supports and services.
  • We achieve excellent outcomes through our use of evidence-based therapy modalities and best practices.
  • Therapeutic services may be provided in the family’s home, in the school setting, in the community setting of the family’s choice, or in our conveniently located counseling center.

What Services Look Like

  • When children and youth are referred to the Community Based Family Services (CBFS) program, they first receive a comprehensive assessment to determine the youth/family’s individual strengths and needs.
  • Youth and families develop a treatment plan with the support of a child and family team to identify goals and objectives.
  • Youth receive individual and/or family therapy one or more times per week, or as needed.
  • Therapy is provided by a Licensed or Licensed Waived Clinician.
  • Child Family Team meetings are available based on need to empower families to overcome significant challenges.
  • Therapy and Child Family Team meetings are held in families’ homes, schools, community settings, or at our conveniently located counseling center.
  • Professional staff are culturally competent, meaning not only are translation services always available, but we understand and respect each family’s unique culture and put it at the forefront of our work together.
  • We create safety plans with families to prevent or utilize in a crisis.
  • We provide 24-hour crisis intervention and on-call family support.​

For more information on our CBFS Program, please contact our CBFS Program Director at (916) 344-0199.