Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, including those established by [relevant regulatory bodies, i.e. Community Care License (CCL) standards, etc.]. We prioritize adherence to these regulations in all our operations and programs.

Our organization is nationally accredited by Council on Accreditation (COA). The COA accreditation process is a total evaluation of an organization’s operating systems including programs and organizational practices. Being accredited demonstrates to the community that our organization meets higher standards than minimum licensing requires. It also demonstrates that we have gone through an in-depth, comprehensive, transparent review of all aspects of operations, best practices, and continuous quality improvement, as well as undergoing a periodic review of the organization. 

Our dedication to compliance is rooted in our values of compassion, equity, excellence, honor, integrity, and partnership. Our staff and leadership team diligently monitor and stay informed about the evolving regulatory landscape to ensure we meet or exceed the required standards set by the authorities.

We maintain robust internal processes, conduct regular assessments, and invest in necessary resources to guarantee compliance with the laws, rules, and guidelines governing our program and services. This includes periodic reviews, audits, and training programs to educate our staff about the importance of regulatory compliance.

We are committed to upholding the trust of our stakeholders, the youth and families we serve, and the community by strictly following the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks. We remain steadfast in our efforts to continually improve and adapt our operations to adhere to any updates or modifications in the regulatory landscape.