Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)


Therapeutic Behavioral Services
Providing youth and families with tools to solve challenges together

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) provides community-based, one-on-one, short-term, support to youth who are at risk of being moved to a higher, more restrictive living environment (i.e. psychiatric hospitalization or group home) or need support transitioning to a less restrictive living environment (i.e. family or resource (foster) family home).

TBS is an adjunct program, meaning youth must be enrolled in a primary mental health service to be eligible. Services address specific target behaviors in order to prevent unnecessary residential placements, psychiatric hospitalizations, and discharges to higher levels of care. We partner with youth, their caregivers, their treatment team and other natural support persons in their life to help facilitate lasting behavior change. The goal is for youth to retain their current placement or move to a lower level of care.


Please contact our TBS Program Director at (916) 344-0199.

You may request Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ services by contacting the Access Team toll-free at (888) 881-4881.

Access Team members provide information, assess service needs and eligibility criteria, authorize mental health services, and make referrals to contracted Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ mental health programs.