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Pathways to Permanency

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families believes each and every child deserves the love, safety, and unconditional commitment of a family and the opportunity to develop as a healthy and productive young adult. The Pathways to Permanency Program supports this goal and provides several paths to permanency to ensure every child/youth has a lifelong connection to family and the opportunity to thrive. Contact Stanford Sierra Youth & Families office at (916) 368-5114 to schedule an orientation. 


Destination Family

No child is “unadoptable.” Every youth deserves the love and commitment of a safe and nurturing family, which is the goal of Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Destination Family (DF) program.

Destination Family is a one-of-a-kind youth-focused recruitment program that is designed to achieve legal permanency for youth in foster care who have one or more barriers to permanency. The program learns the unique needs of each youth and finds families for youth who may otherwise age out of the system without any family support or connections.


Kinship Support Services

Kinship Support Services

What is Kinship Care?

Kinship is the care for children by relatives or those like relatives due to the disruption of care with their parents. Kinship care offers the child impacted by the separation an opportunity to remain connected to their community and family.

When children are in need of stability while their parents receive support, living with someone with a connection to the child helps promote the child’s sense of identity, their self-esteem, and supports their connections to their culture and community.


Resource Families Thrive
A Podcast About Permanency

Join Resource Family Training Specialist, Daniel Sederquist as he interviews guests in Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ podcast series Resource Families Thrive

Navigating the foster care system can sometimes feel overwhelming. One of our goals in the Pathways to Permanency program is to help members of the community (current resource families, future resource families, professional partners, or those who are just curious) to learn more about the process and lean on each other for support. Each episode in our podcast will focus on different topics featuring knowledgeable guests who will share tips and tricks for supporting youth in need.

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