Programs & Services


Programs & Services

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families (SSYAF) believes each and every child deserves the love, safety, and unconditional commitment of a family and the opportunity to develop as a healthy and productive young adult.

We provide a continuum of care to empower youth and families to overcome challenges together, as well as connects youth in foster care to the permanent loving families they need and deserve. This includes the following array of comprehensive programs: family advocacy and support; behavioral and mental health services; juvenile justice intervention, mentoring, foster care, adoption services, and pre- and post-adoption support.

We support the entire family with professional treatment and compassionate care, so every youth has the opportunity to thrive at home, in school, and in the community. In the coming year, our community-based programs will benefit approximately 4,500 youth and families throughout Northern California, including Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Nevada, Yolo, Napa, and San Joaquin counties.


Services by County

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Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is proud to serve multiple counties throughout Northern California. Our team makes a difference in these communities by providing the highest quality of comprehensive services and a continuum of care to empower youth and families to overcome challenges together.


Juvenile Justice Intervention Services
Walking with families through challenging times to bring transformation

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families (SSYAF), in partnership with the Sacramento County Probation Department, delivers the Juvenile Justice Intervention Services (JJIS) program.

The program assesses each youth’s individual treatment needs and matches the youth to the appropriate service intervention(s), including: counseling, skill building, peer and family support services, and case management and linkage to community-based services.


Resilient Youth Safe & Empowered

The goals of the RYSE Above program are to build upon the youth’s strengths and successes, reduce substance use, increase resiliency, reinforce family connections, and improve overall well-being.


Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Resilient Youth Safe & Empowered (RYSE) Above program provides prevention and early intervention outpatient (OP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and aftercare recovery support services for youth with substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health service needs.


Pre and Post Adoption Support

Adoption is a lifelong journey and Stanford Sierra Youth & Families wants to provide families with the supports they need to be successful.  We have two post adoption specialists on our team to support families as needs come up over the years.   We also offer a Post-Adoption support group in two of our offices. 

For more information please contact:

Deborah Wender
(916) 368-5114


Wonder Mentoring Program

Wonder is a mentoring program matching children living in foster care, one-to-one, with caring, consistent adults. The mentors are trained to listen, support, and guide each child through fun, age-appropriate experiences in music, the arts, sports, volunteer service, dining out, and nature. The children enrolled in the program are called “Explorers” and the adults who volunteer and serve as mentors are called “Guides.” Together, they participate in a journey of fun and exploration filled with Wonder Moments.