Wraparound & Prevention Wraparound


Wraparound & Prevention Wraparound


Young people gain the support and guidance of our Wraparound program to help them remain at home or transition safely to a permanent family or healthy, independent living.

The program combines a family-centered, strengths-based, needs-driven and team-driven approach with individualized and wellness-focused interventions. Our approach is comprehensive and outcome-driven utilizing creative and individualized strategies to address each family’s needs. All Wraparound Programs are unified by standardized Wraparound principles and High Fidelity Wraparound practices.

Prevention Wraparound

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ Prevention Wraparound services wraps youth and families with comprehensive care to help keep children/youth safe and at home, in school, and out of trouble.

The program is uniquely designed to address the needs of youth and families who have come to the attention of the child welfare or juvenile justice departments and for whom early intervention will prevent them from being removed from their home and placed in a more restrictive and costly setting (i.e., group home placement, hospitalization, or youth detention). Services are provided to children/youth living at home and extended to the entire family with an emphasis on permanency, safety, and well-being.



Please contact our Prevention Wraparound & Wraparound Program Directors at (916) 344-0199.

You may request Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ services by contacting the Access Team toll-free at (888) 881-4881.

Access Team members provide information, assess service needs and eligibility criteria, authorize mental health services, and make referrals to contracted Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ mental health programs.