Wonder Mentoring Program


Wonder Mentoring Program
Our vision is to improve the emotional and social well-being of children impacted by child welfare

Wonder is a mentoring program matching children and youth impacted by foster care, one-to-one, with caring, consistent adults. The mentors are trained to listen, support, and guide each child through fun, age-appropriate experiences in music, the arts, sports, volunteer service, dining out, and nature. The children enrolled in the program are called “Explorers” and the adults who volunteer and serve as mentors are called “Guides.” Together, they participate in a journey of fun and exploration filled with Wonder moments. A Wonder Guide may be the most consistent adult a child in care has in their lives. There is a minimum one year commitment to become a Guide.

“What I like best about my guide is how supportive she is and how much of an impact she has made. She motivates me and helps me see the better side to any situation. She has helped me succeed and be motivated in school.” ~ Dana (Guide) & Neassa (Explorer), Matched since 6/9/12
Learn more about this wonderful program by listening to our Wonder episode from the Resource Families Thrive podcast series. Hear from other Guides and their experiences with their Explorers. 

Celebrating Success

72 youth and mentors were matched in the Wonder Mentoring Program.

Since the inception of the program, Wonder has matched more than 500 local youth with a mentor. 


Currently, we have 19 youth waiting to be match with a guide. Join us at our next orientation to learn about becoming a Wonder guide, email wonder@ssyaf.org for more information.


Meet the Wonder team!

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The Wonder team is comprised of a program manager, program specialist, and two coaches under the supervision of our Family & Youth Partnership Director. Our coaches are two dedicated individuals who have served our Guides and Explorers for years; they coach each Guide one-on-one to provide support with navigating their match, ensuring they have resources to set them up for success, and empower them to mentor authentically to meet their Explorer’s needs. Our program specialist has an essential role in recruiting Explorers, bridging the gap between external partners and our program, as well as assisting with general program needs. Wit the support from the Family & Youth Partnership program we are able to emphasize and prioritize the importance of advocacy and honoring family voice & choice.