Meet the Wonder Team!

Wonder Team: Allison Goodwill, Tamara Saylar, Shelby Boyer, Beatriz Lodia, and Christina Cagle

The Wonder team is a collaborative unit led by a program manager, program specialist, and two dedicated coaches, all overseen by our Family & Youth Partnership Director. Our experienced coaches have been integral to the success of our Guides and Explorers for several years. They engage in personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with each Guide, offering crucial support in navigating their match, providing necessary resources for success, and empowering them to authentically mentor their Explorers.

Our program specialist plays a key role in the recruitment of Explorers, acting as a bridge between external partners and our program. Additionally, they contribute to addressing general program needs. With the unwavering support from the Family & Youth Partnership program, we actively emphasize and prioritize advocacy, as well as honoring family voice and choice in our initiatives.