Meet Maggie Garcia, Community Engagement Coordinator
A knack for creativity to make a difference in children's lives

woman maggie garcia

Hello! I am Maggie Garcia, Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ new Community Engagement Coordinator! I am currently based in Sacramento, but was born and raised in the Central Valley. I graduated from UC Merced with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Business Economics. During my time there, I was able to create my own opportunities and find my true passions – marketing, design, and anything digital which led me to pursue marketing roles in the health promotion, sports, entertainment, beverage, and renewable energy industries. 

Throughout the entire application/hiring process for my current role, I realized it truly reminded me of my very first job at UC Merced which I held from my freshman to senior year! I even tried to convince my manager to let me stay, but the role was only for students and I was about to graduate. During my time in the health promotion role at the UC, I assisted team leaders on promoting programs and resources. It was then that I first learned the difference between equality and equity which is one of SSYAF’s values. I expanded my knowledge through trainings which helped my team and I better serve the student population. 

When I am not working on creating content, I am working out, exploring new places, writing Yelp reviews, spending time with my loved ones, having a boba drink with friends, or at a concert. I am also a huge Kobe Bryant fan and a quote that has helped me grow in many aspects of my life is, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will do it for you.” 

Aside from working under great leadership and passionate individuals, I am also looking forward to using my skills and creativity to make a difference in people’s lives and grow in my career with Stanford Sierra Youth & Families! 


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