Samantha and Kate’s WONDER-ful Connection
A stable, consistent adult in a foster youth's life


We matched Kate about three and a half years ago when Samantha was six years old. Samantha was living in a foster home at the time and the family learned about the Wonder Mentoring Program through their social worker. Five months after the match started, for reasons unclear to us, the child was moved abruptly out of that home. Her grandparents, Raymond Foster and Rebecca Rice, stepped in to care of her. 

Fast forward to today, Samantha has been legally adopted by her grandparents! She will be 10 years old and is a bright and very social child. She makes friends everywhere she goes which can prove to be an interesting dynamic on outings with her Guide. Even with the child’s social personality, the Guide has helped her with boundaries on outings and has created some fun experiences during their journey. During the Pandemic, the Guide has not transported the child and many of their activities involve walking to a local park or a restaurant. One of their current activities is to meet outside and work on a quilt that they piece together by tying pieces of fabric. This is a great way for them to bond and a great example of the Guide thinking of creative activities for them.

What makes this match so special is first of all a tribute to the Guide. She has been a stable, consistent person in the Samantha’s life. She shows up when she says she will and the child knows that. It is often reported that this Guide exceeds expectations. And she leans into coaching and is always looking for new ideas on how to handle different situations. Recently, the child has been exhibiting some acting out behaviors that are concerning to the family and Guide. Through this Kate has maintained her love and care for the child and has even increased their time together so their consistent relationship can help the child during this trying time. The second reason for this successful relationship is the personality of the child. She exudes pure joy. She loves people and is animated and fun to be with, which makes outings enjoyable for Kate as well. This match has just moved to Journey Plus and the Guide’s desire is to stay in this Samantha’s life as long as she chooses.


*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.