Serious Fun in Nevada County

Young person at the 49er Fun Parkk

Excuse our glow, but we’re basking in the success of an event, held recently on Tuesday, June 26, that brought together more than 200 members of Nevada County families formed through adoption. It was an epic gathering but, most importantly, it was a valuable reminder of how much success in foster/adoption depends on the pure pleasure of community connections.

Courtesy of one of our community partners, Nevada County Child Protective Services, the mob of kids and their parents gathered at the 49er Fun Park in Grass Valley on a beautiful summer evening.  They played arcade games, munched on pizza and enjoyed the Fun Park’s irresistible array of go-carts, batting cages, and miniature golf.

The parents, all Nevada County residents who have adopted through the foster care system or are about to, relaxed in the shaded picnic area, chatted, and reconnected with friends. Not that some of them didn’t find themselves in the bounce house too.

The challenges of parenting children who have had a bumpy start can leave families feeling isolated at times. Adoptive children sometimes perceive themselves as “different.” Trainings, formal support groups, meetings with your social worker, and sessions with the therapist are all valuable parts of building a support system to meet those challenges.

But it’s just as important to hang out and have fun! A picnic like the one at 49er Fun Park is a golden opportunity for the entire family to let down their hair and relax in the casual company of others who have walked in the same shoes. With all the carefree kids running around, it looked for all the world like a party. But it was also a time to make new friends, exchange parenting tips, and learn about supportive services that might have slipped by in the hurly-burly of daily life.

Although Sierra coordinated the event, all foster/adoptive and pre-adoptive families in Nevada County were invited to attend, with Nevada County CPS picking up the tab and the generous folks at 49er Fun Park filling in around the edges with the two bounce houses and beverages. Did somebody say it takes a village?

If you would like more information about adoption in Nevada County, call (530) 478-0900.

Portrait of Joyce Miller, LCSW

Written by Joyce Miller, LCSW
Permanency Social Worker