Wonder Firsts: Priceless
July 12, 2018


Girl with dolphin

The definition of wonder is the feeling of awe, surprise, or admiration—to marvel. We here at the Wonder Program ask that our Guides (mentors) create the feeling of wonder for their Explorers (foster youth mentee) by exposing them to “firsts”. A first could be experiencing something like riding a bike, fishing, or a roller coaster for the first time.

One of our most recent Wonder Moments was shared by a Guide who has been supporting her Explorer for the past two years. The Guide picked up season passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The Explorer loves the thrill of the roller coasters, but she also adores seeing the animals. She especially enjoys watching the dolphin show each time she goes to Six Flags.

For the Explorer’s 11th birthday, the Guide surprised her with special tickets to swim with the dolphins! The Explorer had no idea that she would be getting the birthday of a lifetime. She thought it was just going to be a regular day at the park.  When she stopped at the dolphin classrooms, and her Guide shared what they would be doing that day she couldn’t believe her eyes!  She was elated and immediately said that she couldn’t wait to tell her brother and all her friends at school.  They got the full experience—adorning wet suits and being “dolphin trainers” for an hour. They even fed the dolphins and gave them commands. Best of all they got in the water with the dolphins and went for a dorsal fin tow. The smile on the Exploder’s face was priceless.

For a foster youth, getting to experience swimming with the dolphins is a special kind of first. Wonder connects foster youth with a caring and consistent adult to spend one on one time with them whether they are swimming with dolphins or just having a picnic in a park. Their one on one time is priceless.

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Portrait of Kacee Holloway

Written by Kacee Holloway, Wonder Program Specialist