Home Renovation Projects

Perry-Smith Crew

Help young people and families we serve with home improvement projects ranging from small home improvements or repairs to large home renovations. Many of our families are struggling to make ends meet and do not have the time or money to repair or improve their homes. Research indicates that children and families are better able to focus on healing when their basic needs met.

This project allows the community to participate in a hands-on, rewarding volunteer experience that will make a lasting impact on the quality of life for local Sacramento families.


Volunteers from Perry-Smith LLP and Mr. Handyman have been teaming up for two years to help deserving families create a safe and stable environment. Providing the means and manpower to fix and repair needs ranging from new flooring, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting, painting on the inside and outside of the house, as well as outside landscaping and yard work.

The Impact

These families will receive the necessary upkeep for their living environment and will be able to better focus on meeting their goals to improve their family dynamics, rather than being burdened by needed home repairs that they do not have the resources to fix.

Host Your Own Home Renovation

Renovations range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the family and the need. Fill out this questionaire if you have a group or organization that is looking to have some fun, bond with a joint project and make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Contact Sarah Menzte for more information.