John Oehmke- An Advocate for Kids
Stanford Youth Solutions Board Member featured in Inside Publications- Volunteer Profile


VOLUNTEER PROFILE- by Jessica Laskey

Inside Publications- March 2016 issue

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Here are a few highlights from our Board Member’s interview with Inside Publications.

  • “The key reason that I decided to start volunteering was to pay back the debts of those who helped me,” says John Oehmke, a business lawyer with Diepenbrock Elkin Gleason LLP and a volunteer with Stanford Youth Solutions.
  • “After the easy life I’ve had, I thought, ‘How can I give back?’”
  • “What attracted me to serve on the board [of Stanford Youth Solutions] was the fact that they do evidence-based practices….That’s a jargon-y term for the fact that they study the services they provide while they’re providing them to see how effective they are. Then they use these studies to fine tune their care”.