Stop Disastrous Cuts to CA Kids’ Health
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Leaders in the U.S. Senate introduced a health care bill earlier this week that would result in over 686,000 California kids losing healthcare coverage, and leave all other kids with less coverage and more expensive care. The legislation slashes billions of dollars from Medicaid and health insurance subsidies that nearly 3 in 5 California children rely on. This is bad for all kids, and especially for our most vulnerable kids, such as kids in foster care, kids with complex medical or behavioral health concerns, or with developmental disabilities.
However, the “Better Care Reconciliation Act” (BCRA) did NOT come up for a vote this week because too many Senators had concerns about the serious cuts to health care for kids and their families.
But we must remain vigilant! We cannot allow this anti-kid legislation to pass.
Congress is now on recess for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, but the Senate is poised to take up the bill as soon as they get back to work on July 10th. The House of Representatives would also have to vote on any version of a health care bill the Senate may pass; and that could all happen very quickly next month.
California’s Senators and your Member of Congress need to hear from you now and throughout all of next week, urging them to oppose any legislation that cuts care for kids and raises costs for families.


Take action NOW:

Contact California’s Senators Feinstein and Harris and tell them to “VOTE NO” on the BCRA. Any health care legislation considered by the Senate must at the very least do no harm to kids, or result in fewer kids covered, and the Senate bill does not meet that low bar.
Attend local community events with your Representative or contact their office and remind them that any health care bill that is bad for kids is bad for California’s future.
Share your health care story about how the ACA and/or Medicaid has helped you and your family so that Congress understands explicitly the true impact of their decisions.


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