Geraldine Jimenez, Vice President and Treasurer

Leader Profile
Geraldine Jimenez, Vice President CalSTRS

Geraldine Jimenez serves as the Director of Investment Strategy and Risk and is responsible for implementing and monitoring CalSTRS overall investment portfolio’s strategy and risk profile. Her focus is on the strategic portfolio positioning to meet the long-term liabilities and serves on the CalSTRS Asset / Liability team reviewing and setting the strategic asset allocation. For shorter-term tactical portfolio positioning, Geraldine chairs the Risk Allocation Committee and is part of the CalSTRS leadership team managing the $240 billion California Teacher Retirement Fund, the second largest public pension in the United States.

Geraldine has nearly 30 years of experience managing pension assets for public servants and providing financial security and retirement for many Californians. She is dedicated to helping the community through multiple volunteer and board service positions throughout her professional career. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance & Economics from California State University, Sacramento. Geraldine also holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute. 

Geraldine is passionate about helping kids and families manage difficult challenges so they can move forward and thrive. Geraldine’s deceased mother was dedicated to helping kids and women throughout her life and passed along the gift of desire to make a difference for kids and families in our community.

She lives with her husband in Sacramento, where they raised two children together, who are now adults. Geraldine is active in the cycling community and has a passion for many outdoor activities such as bike riding, running, hiking, and traveling.