Kimberly Woods-Burch
Director of Human Resources

Leader Profile
Kimberly Woods-Burch Human Resources Director

Kimberly Woods-Burch has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses and their employees grow and develop. As the Director of Employee Relations, she sees her department’s role as the “caregiver for the caregiver” and is working hard to develop a well-trained workforce. Making sure the staff at Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is secure and well taken care of is critical, and the first step toward effectively serving the children and families in the Sacramento community.

 Kimberly was drawn to Stanford Sierra Youth & Families because of the passion shown in every aspect of the organization and the strong commitment of all employees to help find permanency for the children they serve. The combination of her extensive education and hands-on experience makes her a strong leader in the team. Kimberly holds a Master of Management and a Bachelor of Science (both in Business Management) from the University of Phoenix.