Susan Davini
Director of Human Resources

Leader Profile

Susan Davini oversees our Human Resources Department and the Research Department and has been the Human Resources Director since 2000. Susan has more than 17 years of human resources leadership experience and a varied background in management. She enjoys providing the human resources leadership for Stanford Youth Solutions and has staffed her department with internal transfers from direct services programs to ensure the department stays in touch with workforce needs.

Susan is involved in a variety of industry organizations, including the Society for Human Resource Management and the Sacramento Area Human Resource Association. She also belongs to the California Chamber of Commerce.

Susan finds great reward serving in a family-centered practice agency. She says, “After many years in the for-profit arena, this has been and continues to be where my heart lies in providing human resources leadership. To assist staff who are so committed to our mission has been very rewarding. Our focus on the family and its strengths feels like the right thing to do every day!”