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What kind of work does your agency do?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families empowers youth and families to solve serious challenges that threaten their ability to stay together. We provide intensive, individualized, and proven programs for young people and families in difficult circumstances. They become stable and capable through our research-based, individualized approach.

We are determined to give each and every child a chance at a healthy, productive, and self-sufficient life. It is our unwavering commitment to the sustainable success of our young clients and their families that separates us from other, similar organizations.

Why would I want to work at Stanford Sierra Youth & Families?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is a very special place to work. We are a highly professional, passionate, and evidenced-based organization that achieves a higher success rate with its clients than other, similar organizations. Our employees believe strongly in our mission to provide intensive, individualized programs that empower young people and families to solve serious challenges that threaten their ability to stay together. In order to most effectively support our clients and families, we know we must support our employees as well. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families provides training, regular consultation, exceptional and diverse co-workers, and a unique opportunity for growth. We take the time and effort to recognize and celebrate the contributions that our employees make to our Mission. We are intensely determined and do whatever it takes to create success for youth – we never give up. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families provides employees the best guarantee that they will see positive returns on their investment of time and energy.

What do I need to qualify for employment with Stanford Sierra Youth & Families?

A drive to fulfill the mission of our agency and a desire to be evaluated based on results. We have a wide range of positions, from administrative to direct service. Most direct service positions require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and some working experience. For details on administrative and all service positions, please view our ”Employment Opportunities” page.

What positions are currently open?

For all open positions, please visit our “Employment Opportunities” page.

What are the hours?

We provide 24/7 service to our clients. This takes many forms, from open office hours, to community-based service hours, to a full scale on-call cycle. Everyone at Stanford Sierra Youth & Families creates their work schedules to best meet clients’ needs first. Feel free to discuss specific hours in the interviewing process.

Is there training if I’m hired?

Yes. At Stanford Sierra Youth & Families we offer every employee an enriching job specific training program. We provide initial training that starts on the first day as well as ongoing regular training to develop our staff and keep our practices innovative and successful.

I am or soon will be an ASW, AMFT, or APPC, what clinical supervision opportunities are available?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families provides a clinical supervisor for many of our staff to help realize part of their professional growth. Many of the services we provide can count toward licensure hours.

What employee benefits does Stanford Sierra Youth & Families?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families currently offers a comprehensive benefits package to all of its employees, including healthcare, paid time off, and tuition assistance. For a list of all of our employee benefits, please visit our “Employee Benefits” page. 

What is the difference between “Hiring Range” and “Salary Range”?

The Salary Range quoted for each position represents the minimum and maximum for any individual to earn in that position throughout their tenure. The Hiring Range quoted for each position represents the minimum and maximum rate that would be offered at the start of employment. A new staff member will be hired within the Hiring Range based on qualifications, and would have the potential to earn within the Salary Range throughout employment.

Will I be expected to use my own automobile for work?

Many of our staff use their properly insured vehicles for work duties. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families reimburses for mileage at the IRS rate.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Human Resources Department.