Youth Advocate, Family and Youth Partnership

What’s the most exciting aspect of your job?

“The most exciting aspect of being a youth advocate is the genuine smiles I get to see on our youth’s faces. Everyone has a history and a past that can either control you or strengthen you and with the history of our youth, some that could cripple most adults, our youth have a level of resiliency within them that Stanford Youth Solutions guides the families to identify and then supports them to develop into strengths.

“It has been and continues to be such a privilege to meet and work with all of these youth who in turn teach myself and other professionals life lessons just as much as we get to teach them.”

“Trauma impacts individuals in various ways and these youth have been through so much that to reach a milestone of being able to genuinely smile is such a huge accomplishment for their healing process, and to be supporting their journey and to be a part of those moments remind me why I love what I do.”

What’s the most exciting thing about you?

“My mom and dad gave me a second chance at life when they adopted me when I was 10 and they have been such a blessing on my life that I was able to defeat the statistics of where I should be opposed to where I am today solely based on their commitment and genuine belief in me. I will never forget where I came from and I realized not everyone is so lucky to have a mom and dad like mine to advocate for their potential and chance in life, and that is where I found my passion, drive and purpose in life. I got my bachelor’s degree in Business in order to be a social entrepreneur and create efficient and beneficial infrastructures that serve populations such as the homeless, foster youth and low income families (populations that I was once a part of as a child) that need that advocate in their life to inspire and empower their potential and purpose just as my advocates did for me.”

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