Celebrating the Impact We Make Together
Remaining steadfast in our mission of empowering families

Young child, woman, man, pre-teen walking on a bridge in autumn


Since 1900 (for over 121 years), Stanford Sierra Youth & Families has provided help and hope for youth and families during times of uncertainty. Right now, the youth and families we serve need our support more than ever. We remain steadfast in our mission of transforming lives by nurturing permanent connections and empowering families to solve challenges together, so every child can thrive. Your support makes our important work possible!

Thanks to your continued support, we are proud to celebrate the following:
  • During the fiscal year 2020-2021, we provided help and hope for 2,365 youth. Our comprehensive services and support were extended to the entire family, creating a broader reach of a combined 5,913 youth and their families served.
  • We placed 201 youth with stable, loving families capable of providing them with the unconditional support all children need and deserve.
  • We served 1,549 youth in our mental health programs, helping them heal from trauma, manage their emotions, do better in school, and thrive.
  • We distributed backpacks and school supplies to over 1,300 youth in need, helping to equip them with the essential tools they need to succeed.
  • Our inaugural Forever Family Fun Run was a tremendous success and raised awareness and essential resources to ensure that every child is connected to a permanent, loving family, and has the opportunity to thrive. We are looking forward to hosting the 2nd annual event on April 16, 2022.
  • Additionally, the community’s generous contributions to our Lifeline Fund provided relief and aid for families during recent fires. This safety-net also helped youth and families secure much needed food, clothing, and medicine as well as resources to facilitate greater coping and wellness during these challenging times.

Thank you for your continued investment and commitment to our work. Your partnership brings us closer to reaching our vision of a community with safe, lifelong connections for all young people, built and strengthened through generations of empowered families.