Help Make and BIG Impact in our community and contribute to the mission of Stanford Youth Solutions!


Stanford Youth Solutions is excited to be participating in the BIG Day of Giving Challenge.  BIG Day is a local initiative to increase philanthropy in the Greater Sacramento region. Presented by GiveLocalNow, along with your local community foundations, Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Placer Community Foundation and Yolo Community Foundation, the BIG Day of Giving will take place during a 24-hour period on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. 

Starting at midnight on May 6th, we will be asking you to make a promise to help inspire and empower children and families by visiting and choose Stanford Youth Solutions. 100% of the funds raised through this 1-day online challenge will go to directly support Stanford Youth Solutions’ Lifeline Fund. The Lifeline Fund helps cover basic needs as well as transportation, school supplies, music, art or sports programs, or structured social activities such as afterschool programs, to help youth and families focus on becoming stable and self-sufficient.

Studies show that families who have their basic needs met, such as food, clothing, or shelter, are better able to focus on recovery.

Examples of How the Lifeline Fund Benefits the Vulnerable Children and Families in our Community:

  • A foster youth’s tutoring to get caught up to grade level: $500
  • A family was provided a new refrigerator as they couldn’t afford one: $450
  • Filing fees were paid to assist with two adoptions in our foster care program — two teen boys were adopted by their foster family!: $150
  • A family received needed furniture to accommodate twin foster children: $1,350
  • A family of five received funds for an emergency rent payment to prevent an eviction and homelessness: $800
  • A foster youth was sent to summer basketball camp: $300                  

Stanford Youth Solutions’ ability to assist families through the Lifeline Fund is scalable; therefore any amount invested will make an important impact. Join in the challenge on May 6th and become a lifeline for children and families in our community.