Drive-thru COVID-19 testing
Sacramento County


A couple of weeks ago, in partnership with Verily (a Google sister company), Sacramento County Public Health (SCPH) began offering drive-thru COVID-19 testing at Cal Expo. Verily continues to provide registration and backend IT support, but our team is operating the site and it continues to run smoothly. The intent of this site is to reduce demand and burden on clinics and emergency departments by offering testing to residents with less severe symptoms. Residents can schedule an appointment online by going to

A few notes:

·         Those interested in testing will need to create an account and answer some online screening questions to determine eligibility (about a 15 minute process). 

·         Participants will receive an appointment when they register online.  Appointments are scheduled about 1-3 days in advance. 

·         Participants must have an ID with their date of birth.

·         Participants must arrive in a car with functioning windows that can roll up and down (no motorcycles, no Uber/Lyft, no pedestrians, no bikes, no public transit).

·         Participants remain in their vehicle throughout their visit.

·         Most participants are in and out of the testing facility in less than 20 minutes.

·         Participants receive results a few days to a week after testing.

·         This testing option is NOT for individuals with severe symptoms such as severe cough, shortness of breath, severe fever, or other concerning symptoms that may need more immediate care.

·         Only individuals age 18 or older can be tested at this site.