Early Careers at SSYAF: Hear From Our Interns

BSW Intern, Pathways to Permanency 
“A positive experience that stood out during my internship was all of the support from staff, my field supervisor, and my task supervisor. They provided me with a substantial amount of information to further my career and education in social work. They went above and beyond to make sure that I received a variety of opportunities in a short period of time.” - Erika Cleveland
MFT Clinical Student Intern – School Based Services & Therapeutic Behavioral Services
“My supervisors were collaborative and went above and beyond to ensure I got my hours and supervision in order to graduate on time, I am thankful for the opportunity to intern at SSYAF because it allowed me to further my career as a clinician and continue my learning experience in a different department. “ - Vanessa Sunahara
MSW Clinical Student Intern, Wraparound Program
“My work supervisors understood my time was divided with my internship and respected that designated time. Everyone I worked with ensured I was learning and getting experienced I wanted and needed. Grace was a consistent rock each week at our designated check ins. She was equally fantastic at supporting me wrapping up thoughts from the week before and preparing for the week coming up. Grace was insightful and asked thought provoking questions.” - Jesse Rosales
MSW Clinical Student Intern, Yolo Community Based Family Services (YCBFS) Woodland
“I thoroughly enjoy working with the YCBFS team and my supervisors, Jacquenette and Grace, have been incredible supports. It would be impossible for me to list all the benefits that I have acquired from completing my first and second practicum with the agency. I doubt that at any other practicum I would have gotten the same experience in conducting assessments, therapy sessions, CFT meetings, and collateral sessions. I have gained confidence in my own ability to connect with youth and parents and to coordinate with system partners. Jacquenette is one of the best examples of a leader that I have seen in the workplace. She has the perfect balance between being empathetic and solution focused when problems arise. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule Jacquenette always prioritized checking back with me if I called and would let me know the soonest time that she was available. Grace always managed to make me feel heard and valued and I will miss getting to meet with her weekly.” - Danielle Clark