Research Manager, Quality Improvement and Research

What’s the most exciting aspect of your job?

“What I find most enjoyable about my job is the fact that it is so in line with my passion for social justice. Every day–whether I am analyzing data, training clinicians on cultural competency topics, or making sure records are accurate–I get to do something that influences the quality of services being delivered to kids and families that are so often pushed to margins of society.

“It makes me excited to know that at Stanford Youth Solutions, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or stigmas surrounding mental health challenges don’t have to stop people from getting care that is just as good as it is for anyone else.”

What’s the most exciting thing about you?

“Before moving to California in 2011, I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for several years and before that, was raised in Dallas, Texas. While I do own pairs of cowboy boots, snow boots, and flip flops I actually can’t ride a horse, ski, or surf.” :)

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