Student Project Profile: Student Internship
Tomas Woolston, The Met Sacramento High School


I came to Stanford Home, now known as Stanford Youth Solutions, in hopes of lending a hand to those youth in my area that could use my help. I had previous experience working alongside Stanford Youth Solutions at their annual fundraising event, and I knew it was a worth while organization to dedicate my time to. I’m a junior at The Met Sacramento, which requires each student to hold an internship throughout the school year. When it came time to pursue an internship site I already had my eye on Stanford Youth Solutions.

I would say my role at Stanford Youth Solutions best fits under the title of office aid. I help with the logging and organizing of data, adding posts or making edits to the website, and any other additional tasks assigned to me. On some days I step out of the office to help with events like holiday parties, or supply drives for items such as books and gift cards. Before coming to Stanford Youth Solutions I had little to no experience related to computers, but I’m glad for the knowledge I’ve picked up here seeing as having a solid tech background seems to be becoming more and more valuable.

My project for Stanford Youth Solutions was to create an online volunteer pamphlet for prospective students looking to organize a project benefitting the organization. The pamphlet includes a step-by-step proposal to help students plan out their project, a timeline to set important deadlines and milestones they may hope to meet, summaries of past successful student-run projects, and other important information to help ensure  students’ success.