"Stanford Youth Solutions helped me find just what I was looking for – family."

Success Story AJ, 16 years old
photo of two brothers smiling

It wasn’t until 16 year-old AJ ran away from his Stockton group home did he find his way back to permanent family. Knowing he had an adult sister in Sacramento, AJ walked alongside the freeway alone and in search of a better life.

His troubled past included abondonment from his mother, and the loss of his father to a terminal coma. There was no one to care for him.

Child Protective Services immediately referred AJ to Stanford Youth Solutions, where he was reunited with his adult sister, who was committed to caring for him. AJ struggled with dangerous and destructive behaviors, setting fires and getting in frequent fights at school. But, with the help of Stanford Youth Solutions’s comprehensive, family-centered solutions, AJ learned new coping skills to deal with his anger and deep sense of loss.

Soon AJ was better able to relate to his peers and develop healthy relationships. He bonded with his young nephews, who were a part of his new family.

Because AJ had overcome his anger, he was able to focus on his future. He identified an interest to work in radio, and Stanford Youth Solutions connected him with a local radio station. AJ successfully completed an internship that prepared him for the next steps in his education and his life as a healthy, productive young adult.