“Stanford Youth Solutions really helps. They anticipate things you don’t even know you need!”

Success Story Brieanna, 17 years old
Teenage girl with a backpack smiling

Brieanna never knew she would need something as ordinary as a kitchen appliance. “I had no idea what I would even need to start out on my own… like I would never even think of needing a toaster.”

While living in a group home, Brieanna didn’t spend time wondering what she might have to have in order to live independently. She was just trying to struggle through everyday life. After getting in touch with Stanford Youth Solutions, Brieanna was able to reconnect with an aunt and uncle who allowed her to live with them while she gained the skills that eventually helped her to live on her own.

Once settled in a secure family environment, Brieanna focused on enrolling in community college classes and through Stanford Youth Solutions, getting the tools she would need to be self-sufficient. Stanford Youth Solutions provided her with an independent living kit which included items for setting up a home – things like a microwave and a toaster. “Stanford Youth Solutions really helps,” she says. “They anticipate things you don’t even know you need!”

Brieanna looks forward to graduating, finding a job and seeing what the future holds – a future that’s much brighter now.