“I missed my Mom and my sister,” says 13 year-old David. “I was glad that Stanford Youth Solutions could bring us back together.”

Success Story David, 13 years old

Growing up with an addicted mother made teenager David’s life feel insecure and overwhelming. His sense of impermanence only increased when he was separated from his mother, who could no longer care for him, and was placed in a group home. After five years at the group home with little contact with his family, attempts at placing him in foster care were unsuccessful.

During this time, David was referred to Stanford Youth Solutions, where his mother became re-engaged in her son’s life. She had achieved sobriety and worked hard with Stanford Youth Solutions to get her children back. Through the support of Stanford Youth Solutions’s staff and her own tenacity, she was first able to regain custody of her younger daughter and ultimately, reunite with David.

The family continues to live together in harmony with stronger bonds to one another, and is better prepared to resolve issues in a positive way.