Ikesha and Rizq
“Mom, they [Stanford Youth Solutions] are like family to us.” - Rizq, 8 years old

Success Story Rizq, 8 years oldIkesha, mother
Woman and child on playground swing

A family is typically defined as the descendants of a common ancestor. At Stanford Youth Solutions, we have a different definition…everyone under our care becomes our family.

Rizq is a little boy who we’ve had the opportunity to help with our Wraparound services. Fallen upon hard times, his mother, Ikesha, struggled with alcohol and an abusive relationship, losing custody of her children as a result. We helped throughout Rizq’s journey into a group home, into a foster home, and then finally returning to his home. Ikesha attended our monthly support meetings and we provided her with the resources she needed to become stable and sober, which she has proudly achieved for 18 months, and ultimately to gain custody of her children.

As shared by Ikesha (Mom):

My relationship with my three children on the outside looking is Joy. We support each other—I love nurturing my children and I love that we can talk about anything. Rizq is eight years old and is doing wonderful thanks to the Wraparound program at Stanford Youth Solutions; he is a warm and happy child that always keeps a smile on his face, and he is meeting his target goals at school. The Wraparound program has taught him to control some of his aggressive behaviors and they make it fun for him. He looks forward to his sessions and is very comfortable there.

Stanford showed me how working hard at all efforts for your children will give you a healthy, grateful and happy life.