Stanford Youth Solutions
To better reflect our mission and those we serve, Stanford Home for Children is now Stanford Youth Solutions!

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Why did we rebrand?

Over the course of 112 years, we have evolved as an organization to meet the changing needs of young people and their families. We have transformed from an orphanage, a school, and residential care to providing programs and services to at-risk young clients in a community-based, family-centered setting.

We are outcomes-oriented and solution focused. We do whatever it takes to create a positive change for our young clients and their families – we empower them to find the solution. This focus was not reflected in our current brand or name.

Why did we change our name?

Stanford Youth Solutions better illustrates our mission to inspire sustainable change for young people and their families and empower them to solve serious challenges together and more clearly reflects what we do, who we serve and the outcomes we are after.

The name Stanford Home for Children did not accurately depict what we do and who we are. Since 2006, we transitioned from group home care to community-based programs and services, serving young people and their family members in their own environment, which has proven to create more positive outcomes than residential care. 

Additionally, although we serve young people from 0-21, most are between 12 – 17, an age not typically considered “children”.

What does the new logo represent?

Our new logo’s movement indicates how young people and their families have many entrances and exits within their process with Stanford Youth Solutions. Our work together is never stagnant, always transforming.

Did your Mission, Vision and Values Statements change?

Only slightly. We refined our Mission and Vision Statements to be more clear about who we are and what we do. Our Values remain the same and are core to everything we do here at Stanford Youth Solutions.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment and determination to help young people and families in crisis overcome obstacles, make healthy choices, and live positive lives.

Did your web address change?

Yes, our new web address is 

What else has changed?

Nothing! Our address, phone numbers and Tax ID number all remain the same.