Wraparound Description


Families Get the Tools they Need to Heal their Relationships- For Life

Stanford Youth Solutions has been leading positive outcomes in Wraparound Services since 2001. Sacramento County youth who have been placed in group care (RCL 10-14/STRTP) or are at risk of such placement now have a good chance to succeed in a family setting. Our Wraparound program is the top performer in Sacramento County—producing tangible results for youth and families.

We inspire youth and families to heal their relationships for life by empowering them to use their voice and choice throughout services. This ensures they receive the most meaningful care possible. As a result, youth in the Wraparound program transition home safely, strengthen connections to family and community, are able to live more functionally, and are less dependent on public resources.

We “wrap” services around each family with individualized solutions and case management utilizing a family-centered, strength-based, needs-driven, team-driven approach. This approach is a comprehensive, outcome-driven; using research data to ensure the program continues to meet complex family needs. Youth are referred by Sacramento County Child Protective Services (CPS), the Department of Probation, and the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP).

Program Facts

  • Youth and their families are eligible for Wraparound when youth are living in a residential placement or at risk of living in a residential placement.
  • We have a zero-refusal policy, meaning youth who meet these criteria are never turned away for services.
  • We always work with families and caregivers, and never work with a child in isolation.
  • We achieve excellent outcomes for youth and their families through our use of High Fidelity Wraparound.
  • Services are provided in families’ homes, in community settings of families’ choice, or in our conveniently located counseling center.

Our Wraparound employees have been trained to understand the core issues of adoption and we explore families’ unique culture and needs to develop a plan of action.

Case Management Services

Our professional staff provide holistic case management and support to youth and families. Some common ways we provide support include:

  • Access to no-cost individual and family therapy, as needed
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management
  • Attendance at court dates with families
  • Attendance and advocacy at Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings with schools
  • Attendance and advocacy at Student Study Team (SST) meetings with schools
  • Attendance and advocacy at Team Decision Making (TDM)/ Child Family Team (CFT) meetings with Child Protective Services (CPS)
  • Assistance with arranging or providing transportation, for a variety of needs, including but not limited to travelling with youth to relocate to live with family, as well as medical, psychiatric, education or employment needs
  • Linking to community-based resources for food, clothing, shelter
  • Limited access to financial resources to meet emergency or critical family needs when no other resource is available
  • Access to Family Partners and Youth Peer Adovocates
  • For adoptive families, Wraparound services are available to support families to prevent children/youth from being placed in an out of home placement or help families re-connect after a child/youth has been placed out of home (for example, in a residential treatment facility).

What Services Look Like

When youth and families are referred to our Wraparound program, they first meet with one of our facilitators for an introduction to the Wraparound philosophy and process. 

  • Professional staff are culturally competent, meaning not only are translation services always available, but we understand and respect each family’s unique culture and put it at the forefront of our work together.
  • Youth and families then develop a treatment plan with the support of our staff to identify goals and objectives.
  • Youth and families participate in Child Family Team meetings as often as needed, which are a best practice to help families overcome significant challenges.
  • Families choose who participates in their Child Family Team.
  • Child Family Team meetings are held in families’ homes, or at our conveniently located office location.