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Frequently Asked Questions
How You Can Make a Difference

What are the basic requirements to become a resource (foster) parent?

You can become a resource (foster) parent if you are:

  • Deeply committed to giving a youth a home, time and attention
  • Patient, flexible and willing to learn
  • Single, married or in domestic partnership
  • Have a source of steady income
  • Living in an apartment, condo or house with room for a youth
  • A licensed driver, with a car and insurance

Why should I choose Stanford Sierra Youth & Families?

Experienced resource families really appreciate Stanford Sierra Youth & Families. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families provides resource families with 24/7 support, accessible staff, competitive rates, support groups, post-adoption services, and mental health services for the foster youth. As a non-profit with offices across the greater Sacramento region, Stanford Sierra Youth & Families is responsive to the needs of our resource families and is the leader in providing care to youth and families, in their homes and within their own communities.

How long does it take to become a resource (foster) parent?

Resource family approval depends on individual family circumstances. Some families are approved within 6 months. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families also openly negotiates rollovers from other agencies.

Who does Stanford Sierra Youth & Families’ serve?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families serves youth ages 1-24, but our median age group is between 12 -17. The youth served average 37% female, 63% male.

How many counties are served by Stanford Sierra Youth & Families?

We currently serve a total of 17 counties with a variety of services. Our Foster Care services are centered on 7 counties- El Dorado, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Solano, and Yolo.

What is Stanford Youth Solutions’ specialty area or area of expertise?

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families specializes in providing foster care for our community’s most vulnerable youth – those who have experienced trauma, separation from loved ones and other losses. These services may include Intensive Service Foster Care to support youth with specific behavioral needs, Therapeutic Foster Care for those who need additional mental health supports, or Home-Based Shelter Care for youth who have recently been removed from their families.

What is Intensive Service Foster Care (ISFC)?

Sometimes the youth most in need of a caring home have the hardest time finding one.  Some youth have complex needs, requiring more support than standard foster care. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families Intensive Service Foster Care (ISFC) pairs experienced resource families with these youth who otherwise would not have an opportunity to live with a safe, loving family. Resource families receive additional training, staff support and financial support to help care for these youth.

What type of training do you offer?

We invest heavily in training so you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way. We have a very robust training program that will create success for you and your foster child.

Our families must be educated on the foster youth population and the needs that come with working with youth that have experienced trauma. The more a family understands about the youth in their care, the more the family can find ways to help the youth succeed. The better prepared you are, the stronger the relationship with your child will be.

Pre-approval training takes 12 hours to complete. To keep approval current, you must complete 8 hours of training annually, depending on the type of certification the family holds. We strongly recommend and emphasize additional training (beyond the 8 hours) to learn more about the support you provide to youth in your care.

How can I get more information about becoming a resource (foster) parent?

Fill out our Resource Family Inquiry Form or call (916) 344-0199 and we will be happy to answer your questions.