The Resource Family/Adoption Process


The Resource Family/Adoption Process


Orientation gives a broad overview of how the resource family/adoption process works. This is a chance to consider basic issues and have general questions answered. Orientation for our Sacramento office is offered the second Monday of each month in a group setting. Individual and group orientations are held in our Grass Valley office on the first Wednesday of each month. Our Auburn orientations are held the third Thursday of each month. Additional orientations can be arranged for your church, community group, or workplace. Please contact your local Stanford Sierra Youth & Families office to schedule an orientation.

Sacramento Office: (916) 368-5114

Auburn Office: (530) 887-9982

Grass Valley Office: (530) 478-0900

The Preliminary Interview

The preliminary interview is scheduled after the orientation, and allows for further discussion about your family’s motives, strengths and interests in the resource family approval process.

The Application

The application consists of the resource family/adoption application, fingerprint, and other forms necessary to begin the process. Application paperwork is focused on helping Stanford Sierra Youth & Families get to know you better as a family through questions about your experiences with children, your support systems, and other similar questions.


Preparation classes provide an in-depth exploration of challenges and benefits in caring for children not born to you, and how to successfully parent a child with a history of traumatic losses. Once you have completed the pre-approval training, additional classes and support groups will prepare you for the role of parenting a child from foster care.

Resource Family Approval Process

The approval of your home is mandatory before placement. Dual approval for resource family/adopt homes must meet state regulations, including requiring smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, a locked location for medications and cleaning products, and current driver’s license and insurance. CPR and First Aid training must be completed as well.

Home Study Assessment Process

Home study assessment process begins when the application paperwork has been completed. An experienced Master’s level social worker will be assigned to work with your family throughout the assessment process. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families offers personal interviews for your family at your convenience. Once a child is placed in your home, your home study worker will provide ongoing placement support as your family’s case manager.