Workforce Development


Workforce Development

Stanford Sierra Youth & Families recognizes that developing and retaining a qualified, diverse workforce with the appropriate skills and capacity is critical to providing effective behavioral health services that address the needs of vulnerable children and families in our community.


Career Pathways

We are excited to announce that we officially launched our Career Pathways Program– an internship and service learning program for college students considering a career in the public mental health system.  The program is designed to be a pipeline for the next generation of highly qualified and diverse helping professionals (i.e. social workers, counselors, therapists, etc.).  The ultimate impact of the program will be a qualified and diverse workforce with the capacity and skills to effectively address mental health needs in our community.

“As an Intern, one can only hope to be placed at an agency that is kind, welcoming, supportive and a training ground full of applicable information. Stanford Sierra Youth & Families did all of that for me, and much more! Not only did I grow academically and professionally, but also, personally. I am forever grateful for this experience.” -Ashley, Intern